Solar Water Pumping System


We Offer Solar PV Panel operated submersible or surface pumping solutions. Our range comprises of 0.5HP to 20HP solar water pumps. The application scope of these pump include:

  • Drinking water supply
  • Agricultural water pumping
  • Industrial water supply

Depending upon the requirement we can offer 0.5HP to 20HP solar water pumping solution, which are energy efficient and economical.



Drip Irrigation

Industrial Application

Rural water supply for ranches etc.

Water Treatment Plants

Drinking Water Supply

Tank/ Clastern filling


Filling Overhead Tanks

Ground water lowering

Wildlife refuge

Cattle watering


  • Dawn to Dusk operation
  • MPPT controller for high efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Battery less or with battery operation
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency >95%
  • Dynamic lift head from 15ft. to 400ft.
  • Robust Galvanized iron mounting structure for long life. Operational auto or manual tracking for higher yield*
  • Advanced safety features including dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightning arrestor
  • Wide operation temperature range of 0-550 c


  • No dependence on erratic grid power or expensive fuel cost
  • Mide range of solutions:
  • - Surface

    - Submersible

    - Open well

  • Virtually no maintenance cost
  • Environment friendly air and noise pollution free solution
  • Easy on – off via remote monitoring & year-on-year data available on usage of this system on RMS PORTAL

Solar Water Pumping System
A). Wide Range Of Solutions

- AC/DC System

- Range 1HP to 20HP

- Surface, Submersible, Open Well

- 37 Different Models

B). Ideal for Remote Areas
C). Suitable for day time working
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