Completed Projects

Completed Projects

List of Solar Water Pumping Systems / Rooftops & EHV projects completed and commissioned by us :

01. SWPS 271 Nos with remote monitoring at NREDCAP
02. SWPS 33 Nos with remote monitoring at OREDA
03. SWPS 238 Nos with remote monitoring at CREDA
04. SWPS 132 Nos with remote monitoring at MEDA
05. SWPS 550 Nos on back-back basis at CREDA
06. SWDP 15 Nos. at CREDA
07. SWDP 113 Nos. at OREDA
08. Solar Rooftop for Schools under OREDA with Gayatri Engg 10KW x 15Sets at Malkangiri
09. Solar Rooftop Net Metering Project under SNDL/MSEDL Nagpur Appx 2MW.


01. 220/33kv 3x100MVA Sub-Station at TEJUVA, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
02. 132/33kv GSS at UNA, Tahliwal for HPSEB on behalf of M/s Omicron
03. 220kv DC Line for 28km’s at Tejuva from Jaisalmer to Mokala GSS, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
04. 220/33kv 1x50MVA Sub-Station at Gopalpura, Hassan, Karnataka
05. 220kv Terminal Bay for 1x50MVA Transformer Bay at Amarsagar GSS, Jaisalmer.
06. 132kv DC Line for 22km’s at Hinghanghat from Hinghanghat 220kv GSS to ISMT Generating Station at Kurla.
07. 3Nos. 1x8MVA 66/11kv Sub-Station’s at Gangur, Gendehalli, Balupet with corresponding 66kv incoming lines and 66kv Arehalli line totaling for 33km’s SC Line on DC towers.
08. Wind Turbine Generator Foundation’s for 2.1MW and 1.5MW machines at Rajasthan, SUZLON.
09. Wind Turbine Generator Foundation’s for 1.5MW machines at Karnataka SUZLON.

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